Data Policy
All data from users while visiting this and affiliated sites are the property of the parent company of this site. Any third party collecting data from this site or its users is hereby notified that it is subject to the following Data Policy.
No party unaffiliated with us may collect, use, authorize or assist other persons or entities in obtaining or using any data from a user or a computer or device operated by a user while visiting this or affiliated sites without the prior express written permission of the parent company. Moreover, no data may be collected, used, or transferred for any purposes without the prior express written permission in each instance.
The data covered by this policy includes, but is not limited to, data collected via any means such as cookies, widgets, tags, and scripts.
Any Data Collector is required to contact us at and complete our data collector certification, which may include providing information about the data being collected, methods used to collect data, use of the data, completing all the relevant agreements and certifications.