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DeepMind Expedite Discovery of Drugs

DeepMind, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., has announced that it can predict the structure of proteins that could expedite the discovery of drugs.
Scientists spend a great deal of effort to create a three-dimensional shape of proteins, which then explains their behavior. The process could take years; however, using AI, DeepMind claims to do so in days.
 DeepMind, a UK-based startup, was acquired by Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google Inc., in 2014 for about $600 Million.


AI for Threat Identification

 The U.S. Air Force and  Hypergiant Industries Inc. are jointly working on the AI-based satellite system capable of identifying images and sending them to the ground-based control system. Currently, it takes days to receive and analyze images collected by the existing crop of satellites. With AI-based space deployed systems, images of the different weapons such as tanks, missiles would be identified in real-time with little or no intervention from the ground-based teams.

Using AI for Social Distancing

Norsk Hydro developed a system where industrial data from instrumentation is sent to AI-based bots to analyze performance and potential maintenance issues. During the current pandemic, the company pivoted to remote monitoring of the Aluminum production operations. Thus, allowing plant operation with limited on-site staff and social distancing for the employees.

BMW Using AI for Quality Control

BMW is replacing manual checks with AI-based tools for flagging deviation during the manufacturing process. For example, still-photos from assembly lines are processed in realtime by AI-based tools to identify missing components. Once an assembly error is detected, a notification is automatically sent to the floor supervisor for corrective actions. The company said, "the system replaces manual checks and lowers the risk of costly back-end repairs while boosting efficiency."

L’Oréal Uses Augmented Reality for Facial Products

L’Oréal, a French personal care company which provides products such as skin care and hair care started using Augmented Reality which uses AI for a Virtual Try-On for different products. Costumers can use the built in camera or upload their own photo to see the results. The app was developed by ModiFace, whom L’Oréal acquired previously. There is also a split screen feature on the application where the costumer can choose which product they want on half of their face and compare it to normal skin.

KAR Launched AI-based Service for Auto Dealers. 

KAR has launched a service that using AI-based tools to provide a recommendation to care dealers. . Thus, removing the guesswork for selecting a vehicle for a dealer and increasing the odds of buying a vehicle with higher chances of selling to the local market.
The service is accessible via KAR's marketplace Adesa.com. The company added the feature this year.  The service uses automobile mileage, make, model year, color, special packages, repair history, and several other features to identify the marketability of the vehicle in a given market.